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Feminist Responses to the Global Rise in Right-Wing Extremism: A summary

Mélissa Alig, Olivia Atsin, Jackie Neapole and Kenya Thompson

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The right-wing ideology is not unique to Canada or North America, nor is it bound by borders and countries. Whether it is described as the ‘alt-right,’ ‘far-right,’ ‘extreme right,’ or ‘right-wing extremism,’ the growing visibility and resurgence of right-wing ideology and its impacts on women’s rights within and outside of Canada is of concern.

This summary document is based on key findings from discussions held during “Feminist Responses to the Global Rise in Right-Wing Extremism” participatory parallel event, hosted by CRIAW-ICREF as part of the NGO CSW66 Forum, on March 22, 2022. Feminists from different regions convened and shared their perspectives on the rising right in their context, its impacts on diverse women and women’s rights, and strategies to counter this movement.

Are you interested in learning more about this issue? Watch the event recording to hear from speakers, Kavita Krishnan (All India Progressive Women’s Association and Communist Party of India, Marxist Leninist) and Miriam Edelson (CRIAW-ICREF), and what was discussed in the small groups.

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