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CRIAW-ICREF’s committees work on a variety of tasks that are crucial to the strategic long-term goals of the organization. Committees meet once a month and Committee Chairs report on Committee activities and recommendations to CRIAW-ICREF’s Board. Committees are composed of Board members, staff and members and are a great way to get involved in our work.

Learn about CRIAW-ICREF’s active committees below!


  • To plan and organize long term strategic communications in line with CRIAW-ICREF’s strategic plan.
  • Support the Membership and Fundraising Committee with related communications plans.

Membership and Fundraising

  • Develop fundraising plans, identify fundraising opportunities and propose fundraising activities to expand and increase CRIAW-ICREF’s sustainability.

Participation in UN Activities

  • CRIAW-ICREF has ECOSOC consultative status. This Committee focuses on CRIAW-ICREF’s participation and interventions in UN related committees, commissions and conferences on women’s rights.
  • Develops partnerships and relationships with other women’s rights organizations operating in different global regions.

Research and Action

  • Initiates thinking about new research initiatives and furthering current areas of research.
  • Identifies and supports opportunities to put our research into action for change.
  • Considers requests to participate in other’s research and makes recommendations.
  • Oversees CRIAW-ICREF Research Associates program.

Join one of our many committees, open to CRIAW-ICREF members! Please contact us at for more information.