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The Feminist Word

The Feminist Word (F-Word) is a bilingual magazine written, edited and produced by young feminists between the ages of 15 and 35 years old who work and volunteer at the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW-ICREF).

The F-Word is comprised of feminist articles, analyses, reviews, personal stories, poetry, photography, and art submissions. This publication’s goal is to serve as a platform to give young feminists an opportunity to express their thoughts and priorities regarding women’s rights in Canada.

Since 2015, the F-Word has become an important project supported by CRIAW-ICREF. CRIAW-ICREF is the only women’s organization in Canada focused exclusively on nurturing feminist research and making it accessible for public advocacy and education. This publication began as an initiative to include younger feminist women in our work. This publication helps foster intergenerational dialogue within our organization and the feminist movement and provide a large national platform for young women to contribute.

Call for Submissions

We are currently accepting submissions for the 13th edition of The F-Word.

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The F-Word magazine features the voices of young feminists across Canada by showcasing their thoughtful and creative words and art. Access all past editions of the F-Word here!

Frequently Asked Questions

General inquiries

  1. Q: Why is the focus on women?
  2. Q: Why is the age limit 15 to 35 years old?
  3. Q: Does it have to be academic writing?
  4. Q: How often do you publish?
  5. Q: Is it a print publication or online only?
  6. Q: Where can I purchase a print issue of the Feminist Word?
  7. Q: Are there volunteer opportunities?

Submission Guidelines

  1. Q: What are the guidelines for submission?
  2. Q: What’s the best way to share my story or photos with you?
  3. Q: Do I get paid for my published work?
  4. Q: I submitted a story or photo a while back, but I haven’t heard anything. Why?

General Inquires

Q: Why is the focus on women?

A: CRIAW-ICREF acknowledges and appreciates there are all types of feminists and allies! CRIAW-ICREF’s mandate is for the advancement of women in all our diversity using an intersectional lens and this is reflected in the F-Word. The F-Word is an opportunity to empower young feminist women and give them a platform to express their thoughts and opinions on various issues women face in Canada. The F-Word is produced by a team of feminist women and it is a perfect opportunity for them to contribute to the women’s movement.

Q: Why is the age limit 15 to 35 years old?

A: As a research institute comprised of community and academy-based researchers and activists (with very limited funding) most of the feminists involved in our primary work are mature and have significant experience in the women’s movement. We created this publication to be responsive and actively include younger feminists in our work at CRIAW-ICREF. It is also an opportunity to showcase their priorities, and an opportunity for intergenerational exchange.

But with all that being said, we have heard from many women that they would love the opportunity to contribute and write for a publication and we are currently exploring the possibility of other open calls for publications.

Q: Does it have to be academic writing?

A: No, it does not have to be academic writing. We welcome both community-based and academy-based feminist contributions and analyses to the F-Word. As well as personal stories, rants, poetry, reviews, etc. All in all, we always aim to publish work that expresses the complex and nuanced lives, experiences and analyses of young feminist women in Canada.

Q: How often do you publish?

A: The F-Word aims to publish two editions per year. In general, the publication’s editions usually do not have a theme, however some editions have featured themed sections. We accept contributions throughout the year.

Typical timeline
Month 1 – Gathering contributions & outreach
Month 2 – Editing & design phase
Month 3 – Last edits, accessibility, print
Month 4 – Publish, outreach, promotion

Q: Is it a print publication or online only?

A: The F-Word is both a print and online publication. The digital edition is accessible on all devices, and contains alt text for users who use screen readers for accessibility purposes. The online version is the same as the print magazine, with all the same photos and stories, and clickable links on many pages. For environmental considerations, we do encourage readers to access the digital version when possible to limit the number of print editions we need to produce.

Q: Where can I purchase a print issue of the Feminist Word?

A: Part of our mandate is to produce accessible resources, therefore, The F-Word is a free publication. Given our limited resources, if you enjoy reading the F-Word please consider making a donation to support our work. To request a copy of the print editions, please email us at:

Q: Are there volunteer opportunities?

A: Yes, we often have volunteer opportunities, such as ongoing communications support, translation, tabling events, producing creative content, and various other needs that come up throughout the year. Volunteering with us is an experience tailored to your needs and desires in order for you to acquire the skills and knowledge based on your interests. If you don’t live in the local area, that’s not a problem! Many of our volunteers have done amazing work for us remotely. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact us at:, or call us at 613-422-2188.

Submission Guidelines

Q: What are the guidelines for submission?

  • The contribution must be free from all forms of discrimination (non-sexist, non-racist, non-homophobic etc.)
  • Written contributions should be under 700 words for individual authors or up to 1 400 words for collaborative pieces.
    • Short reads/reviews/essays: We look for critical essays dealing with issues related to feminism, body image, mental illness, women, empowerment, health, environment, reproductive rights, etc. If your piece is a little longer than 700 words, our staff will help you edit your story to fit the magazine.
    • Poetry: Please send us a maximum of 3 original poems.
    • Photography/Art: We look for art and photography to accompany written work in the magazine, and we also publish art and photo essays with text by the artist.

Q: What’s the best way to share my story or photos with you?

A: Submit your work via email to Be sure to include your full contact information (name, email, mailing address) and include in the subject line: F-Word Contribution. Also, photo files need to be JPEG or PNG files that are 1 MB in size or larger and should include a short text (40-50 words) explaining the meaning behind your photos/artwork and why it’s important to you.

Q: Do I get paid for my published work?

A: As much as we’d love to pay our contributors, unfortunately, at this time as an underfunded not for profit, CRIAW-ICREF is unable to pay contributors.

Q: I submitted a story or photo a while back, but I haven’t heard anything. Why?

A: We receive many submissions, and although we wish we could respond quickly, it’s just not possible because we have a very small staff. Please allow us a few weeks to respond to your query before following up. If your work does not get published, we may keep it in file to consider it for the appropriate issue next year. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough space in the magazine to print and share all of them with our readers. However, each submission—published or not—contributes toward making The F-Word a unique reading experience.