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Violence Against Women in Canada

Holly Johnson and Emily Colpitts, with assistance from Melanie Large, Colette Parent, Ann Denis, Sarah Baker, Lina Singh, Linda Christiansen-Ruffman, Lois Edge, Selma Kouidri, Abby Lippman, Marilyn Porter, and Deborah Stienstra

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Despite decades of research and grassroots lobbying, violence against women remains one of the most persistent manifestations of misogyny and gender discrimination. Globally, including in Canada, women of all sectors of society are subjected to a vast array of physical, sexual, and psychological acts of violence by intimate partners, as well as stalking, rape and other sexual violence, sexual harassment, trafficking for the purposes of forced prostitution, female genital cutting, and femicide. This fact sheet focuses on information about violence against women in Canada, on addressing violence against women, and on prevention. It draws on academic research, together with community and government reports, but, due to the extensive literature available, is by no means exhaustive.

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