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Joining Northern Women & Unions for Sustainable Development – A Workshop Guide

Teresa Healy & Gail Baikie

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This guide was created within the FemNorthNet project to help create sustainable futures for northern communities – futures that are built on solidarity and living in a good way with each other. We aim to help strengthen connections between northern and Indigenous communities and unions by encouraging inclusive conversations about big questions we all face, such as:

  • How do communities “talk” to unions?
  • What would attract Indigenous people in your community to a dialogue with unions?
  • How can Indigenous knowledge become an integral part of the labour movement?
  • How can unions contribute to decolonization? How can unions begin to decolonize themselves?

We hope this guide will help you feel prepared and inspired to encourage dialogue and creative actions in your communities, unions, and organizations. We hope that you will experience the power and possibility of community and union connection, in which the experiences of diverse northern women play a central role.

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