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Environmental scan to identify domestic and international good practices to integrate SGBA+ in Health Impact Assessment

Marieka Sax, Jane Stinson, Deborah Stienstra, Leah Levac and Rebecca Tatham

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The 2019 Canadian Impact Assessment Act introduced a new federal process for assessing a broad range of effects of proposed major resource and infrastructure projects. New requirements include an assessment of health, social, environmental, and economic impacts over the long-term, as well as consideration of “the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors” (Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) 2019).

Motivated by this legislative change, this report—prepared at the request of Health Canada— presents findings from a comprehensive environmental scan identifying practical tools and resources for integrating a sex and gender-based plus analysis (SGBA+) into Health Impact Assessment (HIA). We followed a six-step process that included: scoping the field through conversations with field experts; developing and piloting a search strategy; applying the search strategy to look for academic, practitioner, and community literature; screening the resulting items; extracting data from items included in final results; and undertaking a content analysis on all final items. In total, 216 items are included in the findings presented in this report.

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