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Addressing Economic Structural Barriers for Economic Justice

Valerie Bichelmeier, Gea Meijers, Prabha Khosla, Vicky Smallman, Oleksandra Kunovska Mondoux, Elizabeth Sclater, Claudia Thallmayer, Liz Nelson, Kathleen Lahey, Elisabeth Klatzer, Silke Steinhilber, Tatiana Bozrikova, Julia Guenther, Anjum Sultan, Skoryk

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This fact sheet was a collaborative piece drafted by a working group before and during the Civil Society Forum in Geneva on October 29, 2020 in preparation for the UNECE regional meeting, as a part of the Beijing+25 review process. CRIAW-ICREF, along with other women’s organizations and members of civil society, drafted this fact sheet to examine the many barriers to women’s equality and propose solutions. Issues raised include: the lack of accessible care services and the undervaluation of care work as a whole and the shrinking number of women participating in the labour market. To make progress on the critical areas in the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA) many changes must still be made in order to create a sustainable and just economy.

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