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Building Links Among Women: Being in Right Relationship in the Resource Development Agenda

Produced by Catherine Martin

Year of publication:

Follow along as a group of diverse women from Nova Scotia travel to the site of a new hydroelectric installation at Muskrat Falls in Labrador. With Labradorian women as their guides, the travelers learn where the electricity that will power their homes and communities in the near future is coming from and come to understand the toll this dam is taking on the local environment, economy, and social fabric.

Produced by Mi’kmaq filmmaker Catherine Martin, this moving documentary will leave you grappling with some important questions as the world begins to shift away from use of fossil fuels. What is the price we pay for “green” energy? How should local communities be prepared for and involved in “green” power developments? Are the costs of green power worth the overall benefits? This documentary is also available with described video.