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Women and Public Sector Precarity: Causes, Conditions and Consequences Fact Sheet Series

Just in time for Labour Day: The Women and Public Sector Precarity: Causes, Conditions and Consequences fact sheet series is now available in English and in French!

Based on the report of the same name, these fact sheets explore the causes, conditions and consequences of precarity in Canada’s public sector using a gendered, intersectional analysis. Each of the seven fact sheets explain different concepts and issues to help you better understand precarious work and its effects on women as public service workers and users.

Click here to access the complete series, in English or in French.

This pandemic has made it even more apparent how important public services are, and how much we rely on them. The past year has also shown how our underfunded public services have been strained, not only under the weight of this pandemic, but also by the dire working conditions for precarious workers in that sector. Privatization, outsourcing, contract and part-time work have replaced permanent, full-time work for many workers in Canada, causing precarious conditions – or precarity – that leaves workers vulnerable.

Precarious work bears significant consequences for workers in Canada. Use the Women and Public Sector Precarity fact sheet series to advocate for fair working conditions for all women workers this Labour Day.