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Whose technology? A tool for social justice or of control?

You can now watch the recording from CRIAW-ICREF’s “Whose technology? A tool for social justice or of control” participatory parallel event!

Information and communications technologies (ICTs) are often portrayed as neutral, but it is well documented that these technologies reproduce inequalities, systemic discrimination, racism, and misogyny. The parallel event focused on how ICTs are used by “Big Tech” corporations and governments to maintain power and reproduce inequalities, and how we might use feminist principles to guide a regulatory framework for accountability.

CRIAW-ICREF hosted this parallel event on March 16, 2023, as part of the NGO CSW67 Forum. It opened with presentations from Noura Aljizawi (Citizen Lab) and Rhiannon Wong (Women’s Shelters Canada).

Check out the parallel event recording on our website!