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New Resources and Tools! Building Capacity Project

CRIAW-ICREF has just launched new resources and tools you can use to make intersectionality a habit! Following extensive discussions and consultations with women’s organizations across Canada, we produced popular resources and tools that can be used to deepen our collective understanding of intersectionality and build inclusive networks while we’re at it.

What is feminist intersectionality and why is it important? This is covered in the new, illustrated Feminist Intersectionality Primer.

How to present feminist intersectional analysis visually? Use our handy new Feminist Intersectionality Poster.

How to apply feminist intersectional analysis in concrete situations? The new Gender Equality and Intersectional Analysis Toolkit offers tools to do just that.

How can we collaborate and build relationships to strengthen our collective capacity for advocacy on women’s issues? The new Guide to Building Feminist Intersectional Solidarity offers tangible strategies in building relationships and collaboration among feminists and among feminist organizations.

By placing intersectionality at the core of our work, we recognize that multiple forces are at play in constructing and addressing conditions of inequality and oppression. Intersectionality is about better understanding inequality, then taking smarter action to address it.

Download. Share. Collaborate.

Access and download these new tools and resources here.