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New Fact Sheet Series! Women and COVID-19

Check out our new fact sheet series Women and COVID-19!

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on women in Canada in all of our diversity. Pre-existing systemic barriers to women are a fundamental cause of vulnerability during this crisis and every crisis.

Women are at the centre of care and response efforts outside and inside the home. They work in healthcare, care for children at home, at school, in childcare, for elderly people, for sick people – facing a higher risk of infection. Learn about the care economy in the second fact sheet of the series.

Racialized women are overrepresented in public sectors, often without remote work options, in precarious and under-paid sectors, and are facing significant job losses. Learn about the experiences of racialized women in the context of this pandemic in the third fact sheet of the series.

With lockdowns came an increase in violence against women cases in Canada. Many women can’t access support systems, phones or internet, and face unsafe housing, issues raised before and during this pandemic. Learn about women’s deepening risk to violence during the pandemic in the fourth fact sheet of the series.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not just a health crisis but a structural crisis. An intersectional feminist lens is required to go to the root of these issues and to inform recovery measures that meet the needs of all women.