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Congratulations to the recipient of the Marta Danylewycz Memorial Fund!

Congratulations to Amanda Whittaker, recipient of the 2021 Marta Danylewycz Memorial Fund award! 

We are delighted to announce that Amanda Whittaker, a PhD candidate in the Department of History at the University of Toronto, is the recipient of the Marta Danylewycz Memorial Fund award for 2021. Whittaker’s doctoral project, entitled Food Scripts: Emotional Transnationalism and Migrant Life Stories in Montreal, Quebec, focuses on the experiences of migrants who arrived in Montreal in the post-1960 period. Using oral histories, her work explores the emotional dimensions of food and cuisine and in doing so helps us to better understand the experience of migration. Whittaker’s work, like Marta Danylewycz’s, is rooted in feminist analysis of women’s lives. Maintaining foodways was an important way for migrant women to maintain connections to their homelands, but it was also work that added to women’s struggle with the rupture of migration. Her work asks: How were cultural and culinary practices disrupted by migration and what kind of domestic and gender negotiations occurred post-migration? We look forward to learning from her innovative project.