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Call for Papers!

CRIAW is co-sponsoring two interdisciplinary feminist sessions at Congress 2018. Members of the associations co-sponsoring these two interdisciplinary feminist sessions are circulating this call for papers to their members.

Interdisciplinary Feminist Session 1:

Reconciliation and Calls to Action: Feminist Responses and Responsibilities

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s ninety-four Calls to Action require engaged and committed responses across a broad spectrum of institutions and communities: “Virtually all aspects of Canadian society should be reconsidered” (TRC, 2015, vi). This interdisciplinary session invites both Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives concerning feminists’ responsibilities in responding to the TRC. Presenters are invited to engage with specific Calls and consider what this means in terms of the rights of Indigenous women and the responsibilities of non-Indigenous women. In addition, analyses that critically engage with the TRC are welcome. Such interventions might contextualize the TRC within a particular historical moment or consider how the TRC may be useful—and sometimes challenging— to achieving social justice for Indigenous women. Considerations on the connections between feminism and family health/balance are encouraged. Finally, papers are welcome that describe and analyse the relationship between the TRC and movements by Indigenous women towards decolonization and Indigenous resurgence: the tensions and potentially fruitful connections between them.

Interdisciplinary Feminist Session 2:

Futures of Feminisms

This interdisciplinary session invites critical reflections about the futures of feminisms, in theory and in everyday practices. Contributors may draw on historical analyses that inform possible feminist futures or map contemporary fields of feminisms — queer, Indigenous, intersectional, trans, global South, socialist, eco-feminist and more — as entry points into imagining ways towards feminist futures. What challenges do feminist futures face? And what might the futures of feminisms look like, in all their tensions and contradictions but also liberatory possibilities.

Proposals may ONLY be submitted by members of the co-sponsoring associations to the following dedicated gmail account and using the form.

Deadline for proposals: Jan 27, 2018.

Co-Sponsoring Associations :

  • Canadian Association for Social Work Education / Association canadienne pour la formation en travail social (CASWE/ACFTS)
  • Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education / Association canadienne pour l’étude sur les femmes et l’éducation (CASWE/ACÉFÉ)
  • Canadian Committee on Women’s History / Comité canadien de l’histoire des femmes (CCWH/CCHF)
  • Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women / Institut canadien de recherches sur les femmes (CRIAW/ICREF)
  • Society for Socialist Studies – Société pour études socialistes (SSS/SES)
  • Canadian Political Science Association – Association canadienne de science politique (CPSA/ACSP)
  • Women and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF)