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Call for papers for Interdisciplinary Feminist Session at Congress2019

Session Title: Circles of Feminist Conversations. Solidarities and Social Movements for Change beyond Patriarchy

The deadline for submissions is January 28th, 2019.

This year our feminist interdisciplinary committee invites papers on the theme of “Circles of Feminist Conversations. Solidarities and Social Movements for Change beyond Patriarchy”. As feminists within and across disciplines, we will collectively explore the types of solidarities, conversations and professional practices that we might have with diverse community members and groups inside and outside academe. Presenters may articulate the particular contributions, historical and/or contemporary, that they feel their feminist approach offers to solidarities and social movements for change amidst and beyond the patriarchal past and present. Papers may take a disciplinary approach (in conversation with other disciplines), an interdisciplinary or an “undisciplined” perspective. Among the topics presenters might wish to explore are:

  • feminist responses to the TRC and engagements with and in Indigenous communities
  • feminist and Indigenous solidarities and conversations
  • creative engagements with feminism, for instance through art, music, theatre, and journalism
  • patriarchy of different sorts and in various contexts and historical periods
  • feminist engagements with communities at the local, regional, national, transnational or global levels
  • feminist social movements for change in contemporary neo-liberalism and neo-patriarchy
  • intersectionality from a feminist perspective

Organizers : Ann Denis, University of Ottawa,; Linda Christiansen-Ruffman, Saint Mary’s University; Elaine Coburn, York University; Kathryn Adams Sloan, Western University; Alana Cattapan, University of Saskatchewan; Amber Fletcher, University of Regina; Liza Lorenzetti, University of Calgary; Lisa Pasolli, Queen’s University

The Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) is again allowing us to use its on-line platform for abstract submission – and all abstracts MUST be submitted there. You do not need to be a member of CSA to do so. However, in order to be included in the program and to be allowed to present, all presenters must be paid-up members of one of the co-sponsoring associations (listed below) and have registered for both Congress and that association by April 15, 2019.

Submit your abstract online using the steps below. Please ensure that you have first reviewed the Abstract submission and Presenter Guidelines at

Then visit the Conference abstract submission system at

  1. Create an account.
  2. Select ‘Submit an Abstract’ and follow the steps for submitting it. The session is ‘Circles of Feminist Conversations’. All (co)-authors must be identified, with their contact information and institutional affiliation. Maximum abstract length is 300 words.
  3. You can revisit your submission to edit it (until Jan 28, when abstract submission closes) and to see its status.
  4. You will be informed of the decisions about your submission by mid-February, 2019.

Co-sponsoring associations:

  • Canadian Association for Social Work Education /Association canadienne pour la formation en travail social (CASWE/ACFTS)
  • Canadian Committee on Women’s History/ Comité canadien de l’histoire des femmes (CCWH/CCHF)
  • Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women/Institut canadien de recherche sur les femmes (CRIAW/ICREF)
  • Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA-ACSP)
  • Canadian Sociology Association/Société Canadienne de sociologie (CSA/SCS)
  • Society for Socialist Studies – Société pour études socialistes (SSS-SES)