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Call for Nominations 2024

The Nominations Committee of the CRIAW-ICREF Board is currently inviting nominations to be considered for the slate of candidates to be presented to the membership at our next Annual General Meeting in September 2024.

We are currently looking for enthusiastic new Board members who are interested in building CRIAW-ICREF’s research capacity and diversifying our funding base, by assisting with increasing our individual members and developing new funding partners.

CRIAW-ICREF is committed to applying intersectionality in all our work, including having meaningful participation, representation, perspectives and knowledges from a diversity of women on our Board of Directors. In order to meet this commitment, the criteria for Board selection consist of a matrix that includes:

  • regional representation (B.C., Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic and Territories);
  • member of one or more of the following groups: 2SLBTQ women, immigrant women, Indigenous women, racialized women, senior women, women with disabilities, young women;
  • language – bilingualism in English and French is an asset;
  • skills (see below);
  • community-based and university-based researchers; and
  • expressed level of commitment.

Within the matrix described above, the nominations committee, in developing its slate of officers, is seeking to identify members who could bring a combination of the following skills to the Board:

  • fundraising expertise;
  • grant writing experience;
  • experience regarding budget, CRA regulations, and/or sitting on a finance committee;
  • legal expertise;
  • governance and/or policy development experience;
  • leadership expertise;
  • communications and/or marketing expertise;
  • experience with feminist action or activism;
  • other Board Director experience;
  • research experience – academic, union and/or community based;
  • supporting and/or working within intersectional feminist frameworks.

The CRIAW-ICREF Board is made up of 8 to 15 members.

All Board members must be CRIAW-ICREF members. CRIAW-ICREF Board members serve a three-year term which is renewable once. CRIAW-ICREF Board members are expected to provide two to six hours a month of their time for Board-related activities.

More information about CRIAW-ICREF memberships.

How to submit a nomination:

CRIAW-ICREF members who are interested in either nominating another member or themselves to the slate of officers should do so by August 6, 2024. Please submit the application form and supporting documents to

Please make sure to include the following in your email: the application form, a recent resume, a short biography (150 words), and the name and contact information of one reference person.