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Gender Equality and Intersectional Analysis Toolkit

Prabha Khosla

Year of publication:


CRIAW-ICREF heard from women’s rights groups across the country that they wanted tools to assist in applying feminist intersectional analysis and tools that would frame how to systematically examine and assess case studies, projects, campaigns, and policies and their impact on diverse communities and groups of people.

This new toolkit guides feminists in conducting a Gender Equality and Intersectional Analysis (GEIA). GEIA focuses attention on and accounts for the interconnected and intersecting nature of systems of power and oppression, and their impacts on diverse women and marginalized people. This toolkit also includes useful worksheets for brainstorming and building plans of action to account for, and address the gendered, intersectional impacts of a case study, project, campaign, or policy.

Learn how you can apply a Gender Equality and Intersectional Analysis in your own work today.

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