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A Guide to Building Feminist Intersectional Solidarity

Mélissa Alig, Jackie Neapole, Kyla Piccin, Luna K C

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We know that collaboration makes our advocacy stronger. However, while most women’s organizations in Canada want to collaborate and stand in solidarity with others, they face systemic inequalities, inadequate resources, and uncertain funding. Our survival depends on deepening our understanding of intersectionality and building inclusive networks while we’re at it.

This guide is geared toward helping feminists and feminist organizations build relationships and foster meaningful collaboration. This resource was shaped by discussions CRIAW-ICREF held with 34 women’s organizations across the country on what Feminist Intersectional Solidarity looks like in practice. Firmly based in a feminist intersectional framework, the guide touches on the meaning and importance of Feminist Intersectional Solidarity and offers tangible strategies in building meaningful and collaborative relationships by addressing systemic and individual inequalities. Feminist Intersectional Solidarity will build stronger feminist movements and support our collective work toward equality and social justice for all women.

Included are guiding questions and examples of collaborative action to address the obstacles we are currently facing at the individual, organizational and movement-level.

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