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Participatory Research and Action

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Marika Morris review by Martha Muzychka
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Summary of Table of Contents


I. Introduction: Research and Social Change


What is research?

Who gets to do research?

How is research used?

How can research be used, how do we want to use it?

What is participatory action research? How is it different from other kinds of research?

Research can’t solve every problem

Is there a difference between “good research” and “bad research”?

Research process


II. Putting together a participatory action research project


Choosing an issue: What do you want to do? What is your goal?

Project partners/participants: Who will be involved and how?

Money: How will the project be funded?

Method: How will you collect the information you need to know?

Analysis: How will you interpret what you’ve collected?

Presentation: How will you write up or present your results?

Taking action: How will you communicate and act on your results?



III. What worked

Ethical issues in the research process


Case Study: Labrador Inuit women


IV. Issues in feminist participatory action research: A literature review


Defining feminist research

Decolonizing methodologies

Researcher identity





V. Resource section

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