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Using Intersectional Feminist Frameworks in Research

Marika Morris, Bénita Bunjun
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This practical resource offers organizations and researchers insights and ideas on how to do research that centers on the complexities of people’s lives, and proposes workable and respectful solutions to issues of poverty and exclusion. Using an accessible language to present complex concepts backed up with concrete examples, it shows how research can account for the complex lived experiences of living in poverty and exclusion. At the same time, it lays out ideas on how social and economic policies and programs can become more holistic and humane.

The first part provides an accessible explanation of intersectional feminist frameworks (IFFs) based on CRIAW’s publication Intersectional Feminist Frameworks: An Emerging Vision. IFFs can offer flexible alternative approaches to deepening our understanding of oppression and inequality. The second part explores some innovative research examples that use intersectional approaches to examine issues and solutions to poverty and exclusion.

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