Corporate and Institutional Accountability to the Beijing+25 Process and Beyond

Prabha Khosla, Jackie Neapole, Gea Meijers, Marianna Leite, Zarin Hainsworth, Sylvi Bratten
Year of publication:

This factsheet was a collaborative piece drafted by a working group before and during the Civil Society Forum in Geneva on October 29, 2020 in preparation for the UNECE regional meeting, as a part of the Beijing+25 review process. CRIAW, along with other women’s organizations and members of civil society, strove to raise awareness of the negative impacts of neoliberalism and in particular the lack of institutional and corporate accountability to women’s rights in the Beijing+25 process. Corporate and Institutional Accountability outlines how neo-liberalism and austerity measures impact women’s rights. In this factsheet you will find recommendations on how to implement the Beijing Platform for Action in order to hold institutions and corporations accountable to improve all women’s situations.

You can download Corporate and Institutional Accountability here!

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