Who is Involved?

We are:

Leah Levac, University of Guelph, Co-Director

Deborah Stienstra, Mount Saint Vincent University, Co-Director

Janine Bertolo, CPS Project Manager

Caroline Paquette, CPS Administrative Assistant


Ann Denis, University of Ottawa, Co-Applicant

Jane Stinson, CRIAW, Co-Applicant

Judy White, University of Regina, Co-Applicant

Marion Pollack, Outlook Magazine, Co-Applicant

Tammy Findlay, Mount Saint Vincent University, Co-Applicant


Our Partners:

Andrée Côté, Public Service Alliance of Canada

Cindi Foreman, Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Elizabeth Dandy, Canadian Union of Public Employees

Elizabeth Stafford, Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women

Irene Jansen, Canadian Union of Public Employees

Linda Rumleski, Canadian Association of University Teachers

Rashida Collins, Canadian Labour Congress