These publications are part of a three-year project titled, “Action on Systemic Barriers to Women’s Participation in Local Government”, funded by Status of Women Canada. The collaboration between the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women and Women Transforming Cities involves working within the cities of Vancouver, BC and Surrey, BC to develop effective and sustainable approaches to gender-based inclusion and equity within local governance policies and structures.

Funding for Women's Organizations policy briefing note

Pathways to a Women-friendly Surrey: Outcome Report (2018)


This outcome report presents the expertise of women participating in a forum held in Surrey, BC. The forum set out to find out why and how women become involved in the city, what helps and supports a woman candidate and what barriers or challenges does she face.


Literature Review for Action on Systemic Barriers to Women's Participation in Local Government


Literature Review for “Action on Systemic Barriers to Women’s Participation in Local Government” (2017)

Willow Samara Allen, Ph.D.

This literature review gives an overview of the identified barriers to women’s involvement in local governance in Surrey, BC and Vancouver, BC, and the strategies to overcome those barriers.  




Early Childhood Education and Care Workforce policy briefing note


Barriers Facing Women in Politics (2018)


This briefing note was submitted to House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women in July 2018. It presents the many barriers that explain women's significant underrepresentation at all levels of government, as well as recommendations on how to alleviate these barriers.