CPS Women's Research and Action Forum- Nova Scotia

 Jennifer O'Keefe




 Tammy Findlay and Mary-Dan Johnston




   Intersectionality and the Experiences of Women with Disabilities

   Julianne M. Acker-Verney




Changing Public Services: The Nova Scotia Cluster

 Mary- Dan Johnston




Women and Changing Public Services in Ottawa

Sarah Baker, Ann Denis and Jane Stinson




  Metro Vancouver Women Changing Public Transit 
  Tahia Ahmed and Marion Pollack




Women and Public Sector Precarity Report Cover   Women and Public Sector Precarity: Causes, Conditions   and Consequences

Leah Levac and Yuriko Cowper-Smith



 Ten Reasons Why Universality is Important in Public Services

 Tammy Findlay and Charlotte Kiddell




  Why Saying "Just Grieve It" Doesn't Work: A Preliminary Feminist Intersectional Analysis

  Marion Pollack, Jane Stinson and Leah Levac