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Job Opportunity! Researcher needed to conduct focused literature review

May 9, 2017

Project Title:  “Action on systemic barriers to women’s participation in local government.”

This is a three-year project, a collaboration between Women Transforming Cities, and the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) funded by Status of Women Canada, that will take action on identifying and addressing systemic barriers to women’s participation in civic life at the local level.

Work Location:  Vancouver and Surrey, BC

This will be a focused review emphasizing methods and practices that have proven to be effective in increasing women’s involvement in local-level government. (While the literature review will access relevant academic sources, it will not take the form of an academic review.) Of particular interest are practical and on-going uses of gender- and intersectionally based analyses by local governments and effective gathering and use of disaggregated data. The emphasis of the review should not be on intellectual debates over the nature and definition of gender and/or intersectional(ity), but rather, on how those concepts can be and have been operationalized in ways that have made real differences to the lives of women and to their involvement in civic life, especially at the local level. In sum, the review should focus less on theory and more on practice.


The ideal candidate will have:

  • Previous experience with undertaking the type of literature review required and the ability to highlight and summarize topics and discussions of particular relevance to the project’s objectives and goals
  • Knowledge of/familiarity with relevant topics, including
    • Operations of local government structures and responsibilities in Canada and especially British Columbia
    • An understanding of and commitment to feminist principles, analyses, and methodologies, and particularly, the use of an intersectional lens
  • Excellent writing skills and the ability to translate complicated concepts into plain language, including the ability to present complex concepts and issues in user-friendly ways and in a variety of formats
  • Familiarity with doing research using published resources, databases, on-line resources, un-published but publically available literature produced by governments and non-governmental organizations, unpublished academic theses, dissertations, and other scholarly literature
  • An undergraduate or graduate degree in urban planning; urban studies; women’s or gender studies; political science; sociology or anthropology; or another related field.


Total compensation for this position is $2,500.

Expected Date for Deliverable:  No later than July 10th; an earlier completion date is preferable.

Application Process and Deadline

To apply, please submit an electronic letter of application, C.V., and a writing example relevant to the project’s topic by May 24, 2017 to and include “Researcher—Literature Review” in the subject line.

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