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CRIAW's Hiring!

September 20, 2017

Job Opening

Project Coordinator for Building Capacity for Intersectional Advocacy


CRIAW invites applications for a Project Coordinator for a 3-year project on building intersectional capacity for advocacy

Over three years the Coordinator will assist CRIAW’s Project Director to update and maintain a database of women’s organizations across the country, conduct a needs assessment of a cross-section of women’s organizations across the country, hold networking sessions across the country, develop tools to advance an understanding of intersectionality and capacity for advocacy, train representatives of women’s organizations on how to use these tools, develop a platform for web-based training, peer learning and exchange, provide web-based training support and help to organize two national planning and capacity building sessions.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

The Coordinator assists the Director with carrying out various aspects of the project.

The Coordinator takes primary responsibility to:

- Update and maintain a database of women’s organizations across the country

- Organize project activities (needs assessment, regional and national meetings, web-based training),

- Gather & analyze existing resources,

- Conduct a document analysis to identify existing tools and gaps and prepare a summary report,

- Assist with key informant interviews,

- Organize the needs assessment survey (Distribution, gathering, monitoring responses, etc.),

- Write and produce materials for networking sessions; including tools for face-to-face and web-based training sessions, finalize capacity building tools and;

-Write reports in English and French.


Web-based responsibilities include coordinating the development of web-based platform for training with a private web site for peer-learning and exchanges

- Develop web-based and face-to-face training content,

- Launch and moderate the CRIAW web-based site for training and conduct training webinars,

- Assist in contributing to CRIAW’s social media posts about the project and posting project information on the CRIAW web site in English and French.  



- Knowledge of feminist analytical frameworks and research methods

- Knowledge of Canadian feminist organizations and the challenges they face

- Understanding of feminist advocacy and intersectionality

- Previous experience coordinating and implementing plans

- Experience working in a bilingual, national organization

- Experience in developing web sites and conducting webinars

- Knowledge about the development of capacity-building materials

. Fluency in English and French is essential for this position

- Experience in accessible and inclusive communications an asset

· Formal education: Undergraduate degree required.  Preference for completion of a graduate degree in a related discipline



- Excellent English verbal and clear writing skills

- The ability to write, review and correct French text and converse in French

- Interpersonal skills to liaise with women’s organizations, members of CRIAW, student volunteers, acting and responding with diplomacy while maintaining good relations;

- Excellent working knowledge of computers, utilizing Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), E-mail, Internet researching, desktop publishing, Constant Contact mailing/database

- Experience with web site development and developing web-based training

- Use of social media (You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

- Proficiency in minute taking and accurate editing

- Strong problem-solving abilities

- Well-organized and able to accurately prioritize tasks and multi-task 

- Superior organizational skills, ability to work independently with general direction, able to accurately prioritize tasks and multi-task.


- Ability to work collaboratively as a team member and to provide leadership

- Ability to be self-motivated and work independently when appropriate

This is a 4-day a week position with a salary range up to $44,000/year with competitive benefits.  The position is located in Ottawa.

Application Process and Deadline: 

Applications may be forwarded to .  The deadline is Tuesday, October 10 at 10:00 a.m. EDT

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