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CRIAW Will Be At Congress!

May 28, 2015

Congress 2015

5 Interdisciplinary Sessions – in which CRIAW is participating

Feminisms Today and Contemporary Spaces / Féminismes d’aujourd’hui et espaces contemporains. Hosted by CSA, June 1. 1:45-3:15, FTX 137. Chair: Linda Christiansen-Ruffman, Saint Mary’s U, 

Feminism(s) Today: Telling Feminist Stories /Féminisme(s) d’aujourd’hui: raconteur des histoires féministes. Hosted by CSA. June 1. 3:30-5:00, FTX 137. Co-Chais: Ann Denis, U of Ottawa, and Karen Balcom, McMaster U,

Feminist Intersectionality: Conceptual and Theoretical Challenges/ Intersectionnalité féministe : défis conceptuels et théoriques. Hosted by SSS, June 2, 10:45-12:15, DMS 4140. Chair: Ann Denis, U of Ottawa,

Feminism(s) Today: Transformative Feminist Approaches: Integrating Ecological and Social Issues/ Féminisme(s) d’aujourd’hui: des approches féministes transformatrices, intégrantes des enjeux écologiques et sociaux. Hosted by CSA. June 2, 1:45-3:15, FTX 135 Co-Chairs: Linda Christiansen-Ruffman, Saint Mary’s U, and Karen Balcom, McMaster U, 

Concepts in Feminist Intersectionality and Empirically Informed Studies/ Concepts d’analyse intersectionnelle féministe et études de cas. Hosted by CASWE, June 3. 10:30-noon. TBT 327. Co-Chairs: Marleny Bonnycastle, U of Manitoba,  & Rachael Crowder, U of Calgary,

Also don’t forget to check out:

An interdisciplinary session at Congress, co-sponsored by CPSA,  CSA and CASWE on the project (led by CRIAW) on ‘Changing Public Services in Canada: Women and Intersectional Analysis’ 

Changing Public Services Across Canada - Understanding Women’s Experiences as Service Users and Providers. Hosted by CPSA, June 2. 3:15-4:4-5. FSS 10003. Chair: L. Pauline Rankin, Carleton U.