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COVID-19 Proposal for WAGE

April 22, 2020

Check out CRIAW and the National Association of Women and the Law’s concept note on core funding, endorsed by dozens of women's organizations and allies! 

The women's rights sector is facing many challenges amidst COVID-19 to keep their projects going, organizations operating and staff employed.

Meanwhile, the pandemic is creating and exacerbating existing forms of discrimination and marginalization experienced by women and girls, particularly those that experience multiple and intersecting forms of oppression and inequality.

In addition to the challenges COVID-19 has created within our organizations, project based funding makes it extremely difficult for women's organizations to contribute to the important intersectional feminist analysis needed right now. Women's organization need core-funding to keep doing this essential work.

This concept note offers a concrete way for the government to immediately assist women's organizations and is one of the many needed actions and initiatives to support our sector. 

PDF here.