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40 FEMINIST FEASTS: Challenging you to support CRIAW-ICREF!

February 8, 2017

Let's keep the momentum of the women's march going! CRIAW-ICREF is celebrating its 40th anniversary as a Canadian, national, feminist research institute that cares about women and intersecting issues of equality. If you believe in the goals of the women's march then chances are you support the goals of CRIAW. In order to keep doing our work we need members and funding and here's how you can help out.

We’d like to have 40 feminist feasts held in the months of February and March all across Canada. You can volunteer to organize one with your friends. The idea is to bring 40 (or so) women together with food. In Saskatoon for example, on March 10, we’re inviting 40 women who support CRIAW and feminism to come together for a feast – each will pay $40 (some might pay $80 and subsidize women who can’t pay $40) and this will pay costs (if any) and go directly to CRIAW. The Saskatoon event will also include a silent auction to raise a few more funds (again, the options for ideas are yours). Because CRIAW-ICREF has tax deductible status we can issue tax receipts for donations over $25. We’ll also make sure that membership forms are available, as we’d like all women who attend to become active members.

If you’re a host, you decide how you want to organize this. Potlucks, collective cooking, catering are all options you can consider. If you want to discuss an idea, give us a call or email   CRIAW can also supply a few hand-outs and membership forms. We hope your event will bring members and funding to CRIW-ICREF and solidarity and friendship for the women who attend. And by the way, CRIAW will assist with advertising locations of feasts (on our web-site and facebook site) and with thank-you comments.

If you’re in the Saskatoon area and would like to participate in the feminist feast please contact us at

Thanks for sharing this idea. Sharing is in itself a form of solidarity.