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Body Image Thing (That ) - Young Women Speak Out

Body Image Thing (That ) - Young Women Speak Out

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These essays... wow! These are the best of 600 essays about body image by young women aged 13 19 from across Canada. You name it, these young women have a personal experience with it, ranging from:

  • Eating disorders

  • Depression and anxiety attacks

  • Developing breasts, shopping for a first bra

  • Body hair: To shave or not to shave

  • Body piercing, tattoos, hair dyes, driving Mom insane

  • Dancing, including belly dancing

  • Physical as well as mental self torture

  • The ecstasy of sport, being strong

  • Dealing with unwanted touching

  • Discovery of the body''s secret places

  • Living with disabilities

  • The body in relation to cultural traditions

  • Feeling ugly, feeling beautiful, feeling whole

  • Gaining confidence and self awareness